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Cigar Tip: The Stogie Guys Guide to Summer

17 Jun 2013

Summer officially starts this Friday, so now is the time to prepare for the hot season of cigar smoking. With that in mind, here’s a  guide to summer:

Summer-proofing your cigars

summerHeat and humidity put your cigar collection at risk and, depending where you live, you’re likely to face one or both this summer. If you don’t adequately address these threats, you might end up with a beetle infestation.

To avoid that, here are some tips for keeping your cigars cool during the hot months. If you want to take things further, check out these tips for prepping your cigars, including freezing cigars to prevent cigar beetles. You can also transform a wine fridge into a large humidor. But no matter what, you’d be well-advised to perform the simple salt calibration test to ensure your hygrometers are accurate.

Summer leisure activities

Now that your cigars are protected, let’s get out and have some fun. (It’s better than freezing in the cold, right?)

Thinking about some camping on the beach? Here are a few tips to make it a good trip if you want to enjoy a few cigars.

Here at we’re also big believers that baseball and cigars go together well. (If the Mets ever win another pennant they could even celebrate like this again.)

Another natural summer pairing is golf and cigars. Here are a few ideas for selecting a golf course smoke, including making sure you bring enough if you get stuck behind a particularly slow group. Finally, we’ve explored the surprisingly wide range of gadgets designed just to hold your cigar on the course, which can be fun but certainly aren’t necessary.

Summer beverages

Chilled beverages are good for summer and good for cigars. Here are five summer beers you can pair up with a cigar.

You can’t go wrong with a properly made margarita, but rum is one of the best spirits for summer. Here are five classic rum drinks, including the Dark n’ Stormy and Mount Gay Tonic. If you prefer something straight-up or on the rocks, we highly recommend El Dorado 15, Cruzan Single Barrel, Ron Zacapa 23, or Zaya 12.

Patrick S

photo credit: Flickr

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