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Stogie Guys Friday Sampler No. 421

13 Mar 2015

As we have since July 2006, each Friday we’ll post a mixed bag of quick cigar news and other items of interest. Below is our latest Friday Sampler.

Habanos1) A recent article from the Associated Press sheds some light on how the Cuban cigar industry is anticipating an end to the embargo. “Habanos, which reported global sales of $439 million last year, estimates it could sell roughly 70 million to 90 million cigars [in the U.S.], nearly doubling Cuba’s current production, if the embargo were lifted.” But despite the recent thaw in diplomatic relations, an outright end to the embargo is not expected anytime soon. And even if it were, questions remain about Cuba’s ability to drastically increase production. “The country suffers from major infrastructure deficiencies, and tobacco farmers sometimes complain of transportation delays following the harvest that can cause the leaves to go bad.” Still, under the new rules that allow Americans who travel to Cuba to bring back $100 of Cuban cigars, “officials said that this year alone they expect to double on-island sales of hand-rolled cigars… from 3 million to 6 million.”

2) Viva Republica is releasing a Culebra, limited to 1,000 coffins of three intertwined cigars (5.75 x 39 apiece). Three different blends will be represented in each Culebra: Rapture, Rapture Maduro, and Guerrilla Warfare. Viva Republica retailers will sell the Culebras for $18. The official launch will be held tomorrow at Tobaccology in Manassas, Virginia.

3) Inside the Industry: Room 101 is adding a second cigar to its retailer exclusive series called the Ichiban Roxxo, which will be headed to the Cigar Realm shop in Ashland, Virginia. Tatuaje announced on its Instagram that it is introducing a new event-only sampler featuring five Tatuaje blends (all 5.5 x 52) with a melamine ashtray.

4) Deal of the Week: Fans of My Father Cigars will want to check out this store-exclusive lancero release of the highly-ranked Flor de las Antillas made for Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston. Lancero fans should also see their store-exclusive Room 101 H-Town Namakubi Lancero. Use the discount code “SG10” for 10% off your first order, plus land free shipping on all five-pack or box purchases.

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photo credit: Habanos

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