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Stogie Reviews: Cohiba Robusto (Cuban)

12 Feb 2008

The Cuban Cohiba Robusto is one of the six original Cohibas known as the Línea Clásica. The Línea Clásica (Classic Line) consists of the six vitolas: the Panetela, Corona Especial, and Lancero, which were introduced in 1982; followed by the Exquisito, Espléndido, and Robusto, which debuted in 1989. The Siglo line, of which we gave the Siglo V a five stogie rating, was introduced later in 1992.

Cohiba Robusto CubanExcept for the fact that the Cuban Cohiba Robusto is also a traditional robusto shape (four and 7/8 inches with a 50 ring gauge), the it bears little similarity to the Dominican Cohiba Robusto made by General Cigar. General Cigar and Habanos SA have been feuding over the rights to the name Cohiba for well over a decade.

This cigar has a smooth, shiny caramel brown wrapper with only a few prominent veins, all wrapped in the traditional black and gold Cohiba band. It retails for $12-15. (Check if yours is a fake with this tip.)

After clipping the head and lighting the foot, I find a quick burst of bitter. The unpleasant flavor is strong and overwhelming. The burn also begins poorly, as it is quite uneven.

Fortunately, the sub-par start quickly turns around. After about a half inch the bitterness departed and was replaced with a smooth, cedary medium-bodied flavor. At almost the same time the burn corrected itself and, for the rest of the smoke, the ash was firm and solid and the burn was even.

As the cigar progressed, I found a complex mix of honey, earth, and a pepper spice that meandered in and out. By the time I got to the end, I was so thoroughly enjoying the cigar I had almost forgotten about the bitter start.

In fact, were it not for that bitter and unpleasant beginning, this cigar would rank up there with the Siglo V or other top-rated sticks. But unfortunately I can’t write that start off as a fluke, as I experienced it with the multiple Robustos I smoked for this review.

But despite the initial performance, this is still a fine cigar. It earns an impressive rating of four out of five stogies.

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Patrick S

photo credit: Stogie Guys

4 Responses to “Stogie Reviews: Cohiba Robusto (Cuban)”

  1. furious Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 8:30 am #

    Quite possibility my favorite robusto of all time. Nice review except that I have neglected to find even a hint of bitterness with this stick.

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